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Will there be extensive travel?

 No more than other youth football leagues, TVYFL league consists of located within 60 minutes of Modesto.


Are the Rams Competitive?

While building character and discipline is our top priority, the Rams strive to finish among the top teams in our league and make it a point to play against other competitively matched teams.  We have won multiple championships over the five decades the Rams have been in existence.  Our organization takes great pride in helping children win, but our greatest joy is seeing kids having fun and learning. 

Why the ModestoRams?

Are the Coaches Qualified?

All coaches are required to interview with board members,  attend league mandated coaching class and provide extensive department of justice background information. Our coaches meet monthly, year-round, to go over philosophy and improve their knowledge of the game. 


The Rams teach more than football and cheer. We teach achievement through teamwork, sportsmanship, self-confidence and family. It is our goal to give every child the opportunity to be part of an organization which helps them become quality young men and women.

Football Coaches


Governing Coach  George 541-7277
Jr Novice Head CoachFrank Padron
(209) 345-1907
Novice Head CoachJoshua 602-6813
Jr Varsity Head CoachVito 534-7565
Varsity Head CoachGeorge 541-7277

Will my child get to play/cheer in every game?

Yes!  Our league sets a minimum play requirement for all children.  We do not hold tryouts and are committed to developing EVERY child.  As long as a player/cheerleader attends practice during the week he/she will participate in every game.



Optional Practice Needs:
Preparation for Optional Work-outs
* No cost to registered Rams players
* Must have a signed Physical form.
* Must have completed all Rams Paperwork and fee's must be paid in full
* Player should have cleats (no metal) and come in shorts and t-shirt
* Optional work-outs will provide the Players with an advantage of Players not attending. 
* Expectations of these work-outs will be to acclimate the players to the heat and sun of   Modesto.
* Players will also begin to build up strength and endurance which will provide a two week head start on non-practicing players - making them better prepared when battling for position / playing time.
Practice Needs:
Official Rams Practice will begin TBD.   Players will not be allowed to practice without their approved Physical form and Rams paperwork completed.
Players will need the following equipment to be prepared for football training:
* Mouth Piece - non clear fitted mouthpiece - w/string for attachment to the helmet will assist in the prevention of loss.  Appropriate mouth piece is needed for players with braces. (Rams have mouthpieces for purchase - $2)
* Cleats - are needed to assist in stability and traction and to protect players feet from injury.
* Cup - a cup is recommended to prevent injury, but not required.
* Named water bottles - to prevent confusion, it is best to be prepared by adding your name to any water jugs / bottles that your player brings.  It is critical that they are prepared with water during the hot summer months.
* Girdle - 7 piece or 5 piece integrated 

Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Practice and Game Pants and Practice shirt/short/jersey will be provided.  Official Game uniforms will be available prior to our first game

Cheer Coaches

Cheer CoordinatorMelissa 872-8361
Jr Novice Head CoachCassandra 493-9096
Novice Head CoachMelissa 872-8361
Jr Varsity Head CoachBonnie 678-3260
Varsity Head CoachMisty 846-5620